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Vacation Rental near Lake Erie  12689 Old Lake Rd, E.Springfield, PA 16411



If you would like to reserve some dates or have any questions please call or email us.

Brian & Jen Mills


Tel: 1-814-460-4600

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Move the map around to see all the activities close to the Lake House.

The Lake House:  12689 Old Lake Rd East Springfield, Pa 16411

Owners Home:  2282 Happy Valley Rd, East Springfield, Pa 16411

Raccoon Park:  2.5 miles west of Lake House on Old Lake Rd

Tasty Twist:  Right next door of the Lake House

Peggy Gray Candies & Gift Shop:  half mile east of Lake House

Lake House Map

Vacation Rental

12689 Old Lake Road

East Springfield, PA 16411

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